Peterhead’s ‘oldest raver in town’ is finally jailed

Michael O'Rourke
Michael O'Rourke

A country and western fan who has repeatedly defied court orders to turn down his music has been jailed.

Michael O’Rourke – who was once described as the oldest raver in a north-east port – blared his tunes at such a volume they could be heard outside his home.

He also lashed out at a police officer after they were sent to the property when fed-up neighbours complained about the racket.

The incident just days ago was the latest in a string of offences the 56-year-old music fan has committed.

He appeared at Peterhead Sheriff Court yesterday and admitted playing his stereo so loud it woke up his long-suffering neighbour at 1.30am.

The noise continued until about 4am when O’Rourke was found inside his flat by police.

Fiscal Depute Lixia Sun said officers called to his home at 7 Gadle Braes, Peterhead, noticed he was under the influence of alcohol.

“While being placed into the rear of the police vehicle, the accused verbally abused and struggled,” she added.

O’Rourke also attempted to kick one of them while being put in the vehicle – but missed..

Sheriff Andrew Miller branded his actions “appalling” and said he had no other option but to jail him.

“Your record for conduct in breach of antisocial behaviour orders is disgraceful – it is utterly appalling,” the sheriff added.

“This is the sort of behaviour that when it does occur is expected to come from a teenager living away from their parents for the first time.

“This course of conduct from you – a man of 56 – is appalling.

“You must have lost sound equipment worth thousands of pounds over the years due to forfeitures. I don’t think there is any other option than a fairly long prison sentence.”

O’Rourke breached his antisocial behaviour order (Asbo) – which bans him from playing loud music – while trying to prove to the court that he could behave himself.

Sheriff Miller said: “I regard that as a particularly flagrant example of this behaviour of yours.

“Not only have you behaved once again in this manner, you have also committed these offences while you were in a particular position of trust.

“The court, I and my predecessors, have tried everything. I hope that a four-month prison sentence will have some effect on you.

“If this sentence has the desired effect, all well and good.

“If you continue to behave and act in this manner I think it is inevitable you can expect similar sentencing. I really think I’ve made my position as clear as I possibly can.”

O’Rourke is due to return to court in three months to face sentence for a string of other offences, including assaulting a police officer.

His agent, solicitor Stewart Flowerdew, said his client was keen to sell his flat and move away from his neighbours.

“His property will be sold,” Mr Flowerdew said.

“He has identified a property he would like to move to.”

In court, he has previously claimed to have spent significant sums attempting to soundproof his home.