Arlene Fraser’s family against freeing of killers who don’t reveal whereabouts of victims’ bodies

Arlene Fraser
Arlene Fraser

Arlene Fraser’s family have demanding a law change to stop murderers being freed without revealing where their victims’ bodies are.

Yesterday it was reported that Mrs Fraser’s relatives have joined with the family of another murder victim Suzanne Pilley to call for the law change.

The bodies of Mrs Fraser and Miss Pilley have never been found. Their murderers have been jailed, but have refused to disclose the location of victims’ remains.

The call for the law change is being led by SNP MSP Gordon Macdonald, who said he had “constructive” discussions with Justice Secretary Humza Yousaf on the matter.

Mrs Fraser disappeared from her Elgin home in 1988. Her husband Nat Fraser has twice been convicted of the murder of the 33-year-old mother or two.

Yesterday the Daily Mail reported that Mrs Fraser’s parents Hector McInness and Isabelle Thompson supported changing the law.

Miss Pilley was murdered in 2010 by her former lover David Gilroy.

Mr Macdonald said:  “In these awful circumstances some families are denied the chance of a funeral and final resting place because the person who murdered them refuses to reveal the whereabouts of their body.

“We have been looking at a number of possible avenues to help make sure that no family has to live through such unimaginable suffering.”

In England, ministers are considering changes dubbed “Helen’s Law” in memory of Helen McCourt who was killed in 1992.

Her killer Ian Simms has not revealed where her body is.

A Scottish Government spokeswoman said there were “no plans” for a Helen’s Law but added: “However, we recently consulted on wider improvements to the parole system and are currently considering responses to that.”