Defence Secretary to visit RAF Lossiemouth to inspect spy plane preparations

An American Navy Poseidon at RAF Lossiemouth
An American Navy Poseidon at RAF Lossiemouth

Defence Secretary Penny Mordaunt will personally inspect preparations for the arrival of the new submarine hunting planes at RAF Lossiemouth next year.

The first of the new P-8 Poseidon aircraft received its official livery last week and a second is on delivery for January 2020.

In all, nine of the surveillance planes are due to arrive in Moray in 2020 as part of the UK Government’s expansion of the base.

The fleet of Poseidons will be housed in a new £132 million facility currently being constructed in will support the RAF in maritime surveillance, anti-submarine warfare and anti-surface ship warfare.

A member of the aircrew works on the American Navy Poseidon at RAF Lossiemouth.

Ms Mordaunt, after a question from Moray MP Douglas Ross in the Commons yesterday, confirmed she would be visiting the base to inspect progress saying “this is a critical capability which is returning to us”.

Mr Ross said: “I was very pleased to be able to speak in the House of Commons to highlight the first of the new aircraft due for delivery at Lossiemouth in 2020 has now been painted with the RAF livery with more on the production line.

“I also took the opportunity to invite the defence secretary to Moray and to praise the companies who are constructing the new facility at the base.

“Robertsons and Boeing have done outstanding work preparing the new Poseidon facility and while I’m delighted that there has been so much investment by the UK Government into Lossiemouth, I’m equally pleased that local companies benefit as well.”

Penny Mordaunt visits RAF Lossiemouth

He added: “I’m delighted the secretary of state has said she will be happy to visit Lossiemouth which she considers is a vital asset for the MoD and the United Kingdom.

“I look forward to welcoming her on her visit to Moray.”

While the facility is under construction in the UK, crews continue with their training on the P-8A Poseidon at Naval Air Station Jacksonville in Florida.

Specialist crews on the planes will be tasked with patrolling the North Atlantic in search of Russian subs venturing near Scottish waters.