VIDEO: Magic and adventure coming this Autumn with country park’s fantasy event

Fans of fantasy movies and books, such as Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter will love this event which harnesses the imagination. Fun for adults and children, Dragon Matrix mixes good old staging and lighting with modern technology to create an adventure which will suck you into an alternative world.

This autumn the dark woods of Monikie Country Park will be lit up by the creatures of fairytale’s. The theatrical spectacular will see visitors embark on a quest in an installation located within the woods. With the help of the Dragon Quest app, you can become a hero just like from your favourite book.

Symon Macintyre is the artistic director from Vision Mechanics, the minds behind the event and who developed the original concept for the production. They will liven up the woods with illuminated installations and gigantic figures against a backdrop of music.

Symon said: “The concept for Dragon Matrix was inspired by Scotland’s rich folklore, heritage and natural environment, as well as by technological innovations.

“My work uses a range of artforms and technology to transform urban and rural environments, whilst firing audiences’ imaginations further through the use of narrative structure.”

This is the second in a series of Dragon events, as Dragon Quest took place in October 2015. Dragon Matrix is popular as an evening out for all the family. It can be enjoyed by all ages and differs from other outdoor lighting shows in that it contains a strong storyline involving the mysterious disappearance of two scientists and subsequent efforts to save the Monikie Dragons from extinction, with audience members invited to join the quest to find six missing Dragon Stones.

Symon said: “As well as interactive installations, imaginative lighting and soundscapes, Dragon Matrix is the first live theatre event to incorporate 3D augmented reality, accessed through an app – on smartphone or tablet – which further enhances the storyline through allowing audience members to glimpse magical creatures which talk to them.”

Participants can download the Dragon Matrix app before the event from but the experience can be enjoyed without the app too. Once the app is installed it will not need Wi-Fi to function during your woodland adventure. As you journey through the forest you can use technology to catch a glimpse of magical creatures, normally invisible to the human eye.

Monikie Country Park is the perfect place to embark on an adventure such as Dragon Matric. It has accessible woodlands and a lakeland park to act as the stage. Originally Symon and Vision Mechanics were invited to hang giant sculptures in the park as part of a different project. Their relationship with the council and the countryside rangers has evolved to bring this experience to the public.

“We hope the combined experience of a live event, augmented reality, along with a walk through the woods at night will make for a really memorable experience for those attending and fire their imaginations”, said Symon.

“On another level in Dragon Matrix the Dragon Protection League is there to help protect the dragons and their habitat and so I hope audience members will reflect on how important it is for us to take care of rare species which are in danger of becoming extinct.”

Dragon Matrix takes place in Monikie Country Park until October 31. See