Scottish Labour faces ridicule after using images of Wales to illustrate its ‘Vision for Scotland’

A Scottish Labour promotional video trumpeting its “vision for Scotland” has been ridiculed after viewers spotted it was illustrated with shots of the Welsh mountains.

Instead of using footage of the Scottish Highlands, the makers of the online video preferred pictures of the peak of Tryfan in Nant y Benglog in Snowdonia.

Twitter users spotted the distinctive Welsh mountain after the film was tweeted by Scottish Labour leader Richard Leonard with the remark: “Our country belongs to every one of us.

“It is a place of spirit and of hope.”

In his narration, Mr Leonard says: “Labour’s vision for Scotland, and our vision for the UK, is one where we support each other instead of a race to the bottom”.

At that point Tryfan in Nant y Benglog comes into view.

Other scenes used included Mr Leonard on the streets of Glasgow and Edinburgh.

An SNP spokesperson said: “This is pretty embarrassing for Richard Leonard.

“It’s hard to shake off Scottish Labour’s ‘branch office’ reputation when they can’t tell Snowdonia from Scotland.”

Labour insisted the use of Welsh mountains reflected the party’s aspirations as a UK-wide political movement.

A spokesperson for Scottish Labour said: “As Richard states in the film, this is our vision for Scotland and for the whole of the UK, because the urgent need to get rid of the Tories and elect a Labour government that will end austerity doesn’t stop at the border with England.”