VIDEO: Bumbling motorist caught driving while using his laptop

The dangerous motorist was spotted in rush hour traffic on the M60 near Prestwich, Grt Mancs., with the computer device wedged between his legs yesterday.

Motorcyclist Brett Mullineaux, 43, who took the video on his dashcam, was horrified to see the driver using his laptop while driving just before 6pm.

Brett, of Radcliffe, Great Mancs., said: “I see people using their mobile phones while driving all the time, but this is different – although I have seen it once before.

“As soon as I saw he was on a laptop I just thought, ‘what on earth are you doing?’ – I couldn’t believe it, how is he supposed to see where he is going?”

Dad-of-one Brett said he is ‘sick and tired’ of seeing people using mobile devices at the wheel as he makes his way between home and his workplace in Oldham.