Beautiful bathrooms are a speciality at William Wilson

Beautiful bathrooms are a speciality at William Wilson, which offers the best in design from some of the UK and Europe’s most popular manufacturers, and expert advice at its showrooms across Scotland.

Here, William Wilson’s bathroom design specialists answer some common questions asked by customers looking to revamp their current bathroom.

What is the best way to incorporate bold colour into a bathroom?

Individual taste is an important factor; however bold colours can be added into a bathroom during tiling by way of decors and border tiles. Also popular today is tiling in two or more colours, whether it be a feature wall, or the bottom half in one colour and the top half in a contrasting colour.

Wall panels are another way of adding colour into the bathroom, especially in the showering area.

It should be mentioned all of these are a more permanent way of introducing colour, which can be a little restricting should you want a change your colours in the future.

Most families invest a considerable amount in their bathroom because it is going to be used for a number of years and choose subtle decors and then introduce the colour by means of accessorising.

Today, there is a fantastic range of colours in towels, mats and robes from most leading home stores.

Candles, vases, flowers and toiletries are all a great way of adding bold colours into your bathroom. The great thing about this way of adding colour is you can ring the changes more often as it is not going to be so expensive!

Would a bright colour in a small bathroom highlight the lack of space?

A bright colour would not highlight a lack of space providing it is introduced tastefully. However, it’s true there can appear to be a lack of space in a small bathroom if there is too much going on in the way of colours.

What are your top tips to create his and hers space?

This depends on the space you have available to use. In the larger bathroom, there could be two basins that will also accommodate storage space; one his and one hers.

How can you create his and hers space in a small bathroom?

If there is not floor space available, shelving is a good way of defining areas for each individual. There are lots of shelving accessories on the market today. Inside the shower, a wire-made two or three-tiered basket will hold both his and her shampoos, gels, etc.

What are your top tips for a restful sanctuary?

The atmosphere here is the most important thing, and that again is down to the individual using the room. The bathroom is probably one of the only places in the home today where one can go into a room and lock the door behind them and no one will question why!

Sometimes you may want to listen to music whilst relaxing in the bath. There are some products on the market today that will accept an iPod and some mirrors have radios built into them.

You can even lie back and watch your favourite programme on TV, as more and more people plan TV screens into their bathroom!

However, if it’s total calm and relaxing peace you need, the aroma in your bathroom can be important and there are endless products that can create the aroma of a restful sanctuary as well as make you feel a whole lot better inside as well.

Candles also create a pleasant atmosphere and aroma as well giving off a warm glow. A whirlpool bath is a good way to get a gentle massage and take away all the stress of the day.

In a small bathroom with only a shower, how can you create a peaceful, natural room?

To create a peaceful natural room in a small room, you should use products with smooth, clean lines which will give the area a spacious feeling. Wall-mounted products will keep the floor area clear which again offers a cleaner look.

Warmth can be added into the space by dressing the room with towels and accessories. Once again, aromas, by way of candles, toiletries, etc, will all add a pleasant atmosphere. A large mirror can give the impression of a larger space.

William Wilson offers an in-showroom bathroom design service. Just take along your room dimensions and a sketch showing the positions of doors and windows and so on and a designer will produce a CAD drawing that will show you how your dream bathroom could look.

William Wilson has bathroom showrooms across Scotland including Aberdeen, Inverness, Elgin, Fraserburgh, Inverurie, Dundee and Perth.

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