Alistair Greig was a trusted financial adviser from a family of decorated heroes who was held in high esteem by those around him.

But beneath this professional veneer the North-east businessman was nothing more than a common conman — one who swindled his customers out of £13 million.

In a three-part special series, The Press and Journal Impact team reveal the full inside story of how he spent dozens of victims’ life savings on a life of luxury, leaving them penniless and heartbroken.

We speak to those who fell victim to Greig’s fraud and the detectives who finally brought him to justice.

We also hear from the reporter who tracked Greig’s illicit spending from the windswept Aberdeenshire village of Cairnbulg to the luxurious and sun-kissed millionaires’ hideaway of Monte Carlo.

And don’t miss an exclusive interview with our journalist Dale Haslam on how he brought this story to life.