Dog who keeps getting stuck up tree rescued by firefighters

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A dog stuck in a tree (Queensland Fire and Emergency Services)

A dog described as a “repeat offender tree climber” had to be rescued by firefighters after chasing a possum.

Axel had to be coaxed down with “Scooby snacks” by members of the Queensland Fire And Emergency Services, after getting stuck in a large mango tree in Brisbane.

The service said in a Facebook post: “The crew sniffed out the circumstances as to how Axel came to be perched in his precarious position. The owner said Axel was a repeat offender tree climber. Possums are the lure.

“Axel was successfully removed and returned to the grateful owner.

“The only injury Axel suffered from his canine climb was a few minor cuts from RUFF BARK! He WOOFED down the Scooby snacks. The possum was located unharmed but stewing over the confrontation.”

The service described the rescue as a “twist” on the traditional cat-stuck-up-tree story.