Matt and Luke Goss have been approached about Bros film

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Matt and Luke Goss (Ian West/PA)

Matt and Luke Goss have revealed there are plans for a film about Bros.

The brothers have found themselves back in the spotlight following the success of their fly-on-the-wall documentary After The Screaming Stops, which was a small-screen phenomenon and landed a Bafta nomination.

They told Radio Times magazine that a biopic could now be on the cards.

Asked if a film was a possibility, Matt said: “We have been approached, so I guess the answer’s yes.

“The documentary was just the tip of the iceberg.”

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Many years ago we met, many years ago we became friends… I remember when I raised my sails & set forth into the horizon of my beautiful unknown…I remember when I held on so tightly to this ships wheel, at the helm, through many a storm.. White knuckle & bloody palm. I remember when I learned to love both the righteous storm & the blessed calm.. I remember when, I had enough… but not enough to ever contemplate falling down, or ever giving up, I remember when the wind blew & hit the sails & this vessel I ride within, made the mighty waves feel frail, I remember when the seagulls would taunt me & temp me with shallow water above the land, that is where my faith & those who love me, trust the north within this man, I've become attached to this journey even when my feet long for sand..This Longitude has a latitude that I love & understand… The treasures I've acquired also belong to you, because memories are priceless compared to any intrinsic value. I've often wondered if I was sailing alone, I am the creator of memories, so blow wind blow… But every time I wondered and calmly dared to stare I saw you, yes all of you! with your sails raised everywhere. So with so much love, I thank you for this journey that we share. MG

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However, Luke said if the film does come about he would not want to play himself.

He said: “You know why I love acting?

“Because I can pretend to be someone else. How do you pretend to be yourself?

“So, no, I’d stay well away from that.”

This week’s Radio Times is out on Tuesday.