Japanese school under fire over Armani uniform

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A school in Japan has adopted Giorgio Armani uniforms for students, triggering criticism in a country where hefty tuition fees are already burdening young parents.

Taimei Elementary School in Tokyo’s upmarket Ginza shopping district has announced plans to introduce the optional Italian designer uniforms, which cost more than 80,000 yen (£525) for a full set.

Japan Pricey Uniform
The new girls’ uniform designed by Italian brand Armani (Taimei Elementary School /AP)

Government education officials said on Friday that school principals are free to set school rules and uniforms, but that this case did not have the consensus of parents.

The uniform came under attack in the country’s parliament on Thursday.

Japan School Uniform
New Armani-designed uniform for boys (Taimei Elementary School /AP) 

In Japan, where a sense of belonging and conformity are valued, uniforms are considered durable and thrifty and are worn at most secondary schools.

Japan Pricey Uniform
Other items in the Armani school uniform range (Taimei Elementary School via AP)

Critics say uniforms are part of rigid school rules which could infringe on diversity and children’s rights.