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Trials show laser beams divert birds from crops

March 20, 2019

Trials involving the use of laser beams to keep birds away from crops have shown ‘great results’ according to a European research consortium which is now planning to test the same approach to keep deer, rabbits and rodents from also causing damage.


Bid to gauge feral wild boar total in Scotland

March 10, 2018

While beavers might have been grabbing all the headlines as far as reintroduced species are concerned, a university researcher is keen to gather information on the extent of what he believes is a growing population of wild boar located in the Perthshire and Angus area.


Call for rural crime to be year-round focus

November 9, 2018

Increasing levels of criminality in the countryside have prompted the farmers’ union in England to call on Police and Crime Commissioners to make tackling rural crime a strategic objective all year round.