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What price for Brazil to win?

June 20, 2014

As with every top sporting event, lots of people have been trying to predict the results of the Fifa World Cup currently being contested in Brazil.

Scotland business

Wine can be a good investment – just ask Sir Alex

June 7, 2014

Done the right way, investing in wine can offer good returns. In this interview with David Elswood, international director of wine at auction house Christie's, former Aberdeen FC and Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson explains the love of good wine behind his own collection.

North of Scotland

Hotel owner Gary has worked for a string of football clubs

August 4, 2014

Each week, we ask small businesses some key questions. This time we speak to Gary Atkinson, owner of the Carmelite hotel in Aberdeen. He is also a board member of Aberdeen Inspired and founder member of the Aberdeen Merchant Quarter Initiative, as well as being on the executive committee of the Scottish Council for Development and Industry.