Long Lasting Gadgets

September 6, 2015

BLACK+DECKER GKC1825L20-GB 25CM 18V CHAINSAW For DIY amateurs, chainsaws can be daunting – they are the go-to tool for horror films after all. However, this model couldn’t be more straightforward. Charge the battery (a full charge takes five hours), then pop the saw together, add some chainsaw oil where directed and you’re ready. It’s comfortable to hold and, whether you’re going through a tree base or pruning a thick bush, it’ll make light work of it. In terms of safety, you have to hold down two buttons at the same time to operate it, so you won’t turn it on by accident. Once you get going you’ll get through your entire to-do list – and perhaps your neighbours’ too as it lasts on average 220 cuts a charge. That’s due to the lithium-ion battery which, in addition to being long-lasting, doesn’t require you to run it flat before you charge it up again. £143