VIDEO: Drone and GoPro footage of Buckie watersports

August 18, 2015

This great video shows some incredible feats of athleticism in the Moray Firth. It’s also a great example of the technological revolution for amateur film makers  that has come with the advent of affordable(ish) drones and GoPro camera’s. Filmed at Strathlene ,Buckie.

North East

WATCH: Beautiful video tour of the north-east coast

June 25, 2015

A stunning video has been released highlighting some of the north-east’s most beautiful locations. The footage, shot by Craig Matheson and AeroPixel Scotland visits Newburgh, Aberdeen, Cruden Bay and Slains Castle. The song ‘Crystalize’, by Lindsey Stirling, accompanies the footage, making for the ideal journey up the north-east coast.