2016’s must-have gadgets

January 10, 2016

2015 was the year of juicers and smart watches, but what gadgets does 2016 have in store? We ask industry insiders for their forecasts...


Healthy new year gadgets

January 3, 2016

Juicers provide an easy way to achieve your five-a-day and they were, of course, a big hit in 2015...


Gadgets – New Year Countdown

December 27, 2015

Come December 31 we’ll be glued to the clock as we tick down to the New Year. So make sure your time piece is worth looking at.. DIVOOM AURABOX SMART RETRO PIXEL LED BLUETOOTH SPEAKER This Bluetooth speaker will make the perfect accessory to your New Year’s party. Use your smartphone to design pixel art creations on it, and then, when midnight is getting near, let the time be displayed on it. Expecting calls/texts/Facebook past midnight, but don’t think you’ll hear your phone? It can alert you (via the pixels) when you receive notifications too. £59 from MAGNETIC ORBIT CLOCK


Time-saving tech

October 11, 2015

SELF-STIRRING LAZY MUG Making a cup of tea shouldn’t be all that time consuming, but we’ve all realised a moment too late that all the spoons are dirty or in the dishwasher. Well, now there is this novelty mug, which is powered by two AA batteries and will do the difficult task of stirring your drink for you. The perfect gift for those who are either very short on time or those sloths among us. £14.99 from


Gadgets to help you relax

August 19, 2015

Awaiting exam results, stressed at work or juggling too many tasks? These are the ultimate gadgets to help you unwind... DREAMATE SLEEPING AID If you find it hard to unwind, and even harder to fall asleep, this wrist accessory will help you visit the land of nod. It gently vibrates on pulse points providing acupressure to nudge you into a deep sleep. Even if you don’t experience those craved-for zzzzz’s straight away, the massaging band also helps to reduce stress, which in turn will help prepare you for a restful slumber. It can be a bit noisy, but the contraption activates for 30 minutes and then automatically turns itself off. £49.95


Tech for toddlers

July 18, 2015

Toddler-friendly techy gifts for the wee ones in your life... Vtech My 1st Tablet When you turn the toy on, you're greeted by a friendly bear who welcomes your very own little 'smarty paws' to play. Then it's simply a case of sliding the bar across the four options at the top or choosing one of the other activity buttons on the side. Toddlers will just think they're having a play, but little do they know they're actually learning - everything from the days of the week to answering questions about different animals. The photo fun option is erm, fun: after pressing a letter to take a photo, the letter you choose is 'snapped' (it looks like a camera lens shutting around the letter) and you will be told a word that starts with that letter, for example, the bear informs you 'R is for rose'. A well-priced gadget that will impress parents and children. £19.99


Father’s Day gadgets

June 14, 2015

It’s Father’s Day on June 21, so get ahead with your gift buying and treat him to one of these great gadgets... SCALEXTRIC C1329 ARC ONE SET No one is too old for a Scalextric. So, whether he missed out on getting one as a child or is simply monopolising his children’s racer set, this could be the ideal gift for those parents who are still very much in touch with their inner child. Unlike the ones from his youth, the C1329 ARC One set will see dad’s smartphone/tablet manage and create races. Simply download the corresponding (and free) app, then using Bluetooth he can choose and monitor his race. If he’s particularly proud of his skills he can even post his race stats on social networking sites and challenge friends to beat his records. A great option if you’re splurging out on his gift. £129.99


Gadgets for outdoor eating

June 7, 2015

Whether you’re camping, barbecuing or having a simple picnic, these gadgets make the perfect accompaniment to dining al fresco


Top DIY tech

May 3, 2015

BOSCH PMD 7 DIGITAL DETECTOR Whether you’re putting up pictures, shelves or curtains, if you’re worried about drilling into walls because you’re not sure what sits behind (pipes/electrical wires etc), this tool will help reassure you. In terms of DIY gadgets, you’ll struggle to beat this one for simplicity. Hold the device next to the wall and if it’s safe to drill into the area, a green light will show; if you need to be cautious and drilling isn’t recommended, a yellow light; and if you definitely need to steer clear, it will beep and the light will turn to red. £38.99


Gadgets from royal warrant holders

April 26, 2015

Queen Elizabeth II has just turned 89, while William and Kate will celebrate their fourth wedding anniversary on WednesdayApril 29. So join in the celebrations with these gadgets from royal warrant holders DENON DP200USB USB TURNTABLE It’s not the brand of record player here that comes with the royal warrant, but the retailer; Richer Sounds is a supplier of consumer products to HRH The Prince of Wales. And, with a vinyl revival upon us, Richer Sounds stocks the Denon DP200USB turntable. To listen to your vinyl, simply connect the turntable to your favourite speakers (any that have Aux in will work). It also doubles up as a vinyl-to-MP3 converter. Pop a USB device in, press start then record, and it will convert the tunes into digital files. £169.95


Gadgets for fashionistas

April 19, 2015

While in years gone by, tech products have focussed on function rather than fashion, times are changing and these stylish wearable-tech products could easily be found on a catwalk MISFIT SHINE Activity trackers have, over the last few years, bridged the gap between sports GPS watches and exercise apps. Yet, if you’re not so keen on the usual sports watchstrap, invest in the Misfit Shine and Bloom necklace accessory – the latter making the most of the 90s fashion revival. It takes less than five minutes to set up; you insert the battery into the small disc (the tracker), download the app (iOS or Android) and sync the disc to your phone, then you just stick the tracker into the necklace and off you go – some attractive jewellery and an activity tracker in one. Given it also tracks your sleep we’d suggest transferring it to the magnetic clip/watch strap provided with the Shine when you go to bed. £79.99


Bluetooth gadgets

February 1, 2015

Over two decades, Bluetooth technology has grown into a robust and reliable platform we can’t live without. Here are our favoured devices using it  


Fitness essentials

January 11, 2015

If you’re planning to get fit this January, how about also planning not to waste hundreds of pounds on unused gym memberships while you’re doing it. Instead, get going with these brilliant keep fit gadgets JAWBONE UP24 Taking a more holistic approach to improving your health, the UP24 is an ingenious device that (working with an app) will give you insights into how you sleep, eat and move, highlighting where you need to alter your lifestyle choices. To keep you motivated, it’ll also celebrate milestones (like how far you’ve run or walked, or how many days you’ve slept properly) and keep pushing you to do better. £99.99


Gadgets for coffee lovers

November 16, 2014

A nation of tea drinkers? Not so much; coffee, in all its latte and flat white forms, is edging ever closer to being our favourite caffeine drink of choice. Make sure you’re up with the trend with this round-up of the best at-home coffee making gadgets


Six of the best cycle gadgets

May 19, 2014

Whether you're getting on your two wheels to cut carbon emissions, avoid cramped commuting, save some cash, get in shape - or to achieve a heady combination of all four - cycling is a very fine pursuit. Even more so, in fact, when you have these clever accessories to help you on your way