North Sea


Books: Drilling, Killing, Love, Drugs and Mud by B.D. McKay

January 3, 2015

Published by Precarious Books Having worked in the madhouse that is the film and television world, author Dennis McKay, known as BD, sought sanity in the oil and gas industry, where he worked for 15 years offshore in the North Sea as a drilling fluids engineer.


North Sea terrorist attack simulated

December 30, 2014

A full-scale terrorist hijacking of a North Sea platform was simulated by the UK authorities in the 1980s - and code-named the "Smoked Salmon" exercises.


Injured North Sea oil worker flown to ARI from offshore platform

October 22, 2014

An injured offshore worker has been flown from a north east platform to Aberdeen Royal Infirmary. Shetland’s coastguard helicopter, rescue-102, was called to transfer the injured worker from the platform to ARI earlier this afternoon. The platform he was flown from and the nature of his injuries is not yet known.