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Opinion: Restructuring on the horizon for oil and gas

August 17, 2016

The oil price drop has been severe, with a profound effect on the industry. Almost every business is reassessing how it operates and looking for ways to respond – cutting costs and discretionary capex, all the while enhancing production volumes to keep their head above water.

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Oil price decline halted after Paris attacks

November 16, 2015

Oil halted its decline near the lowest close in more than two months as investors weighed a global supply glut against heightened geopolitical tension after France bombed Syria in response to terrorist attacks in Paris. Read full story on our sister website Energy Voice.


Jobseeking in an oil price downturn

March 2, 2015

The current drop in oil price has meant many experienced professionals have found themselves out of work. It is an unsettling scenario, leaving many uncertain of where to turn.

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Sir Ian Wood: Major tax cut necessary

January 16, 2015

North Sea oil expert Sir Ian Wood, who led a review of the industry for the Government which reported last year, said a major tax cut was necessary to give producers the confidence to keep their operations going.

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BP workers to find out jobs future tomorrow

January 14, 2015

BP workers will tomorrow find out if cuts are to affect their jobs. The energy giant is soon expected to share findings of an exercise aimed at saving money. Read the full story on the Press and Journal’s sister website, Energy Voice.