Picture perfect northern Italy

February 23, 2015

Val Di Fassa has much to recommend it beyond the usual thrills and spills of winter sports The steep towers and cliffs of the Italian Dolomites glint golden in the tentative, winter sunshine. Semi-shrouded by clouds, they form a spectacular, sculptural backdrop to a network of interlinking, snow-covered pistes.


Sloping off to New York State

January 19, 2015

With better runs than Broadway and more high-fliers than Wall Street, Upstate New York is an undiscovered ski gem Hurtling down Broadway at a rate of knots, there’s not a soul in sight as I marvel at the New York skyline.


Piste and quiet in Banff

October 22, 2014

When our instructor Kenji asks us to check each other's noses for frostbite, I assume he must be joking. Only Everest climbers get frostbite, right?