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This might be the best ever hack for keeping fast food warm

December 5, 2017

It’s the eternal dilemma every time you pick up takeaway for dinner: do you quickly eat your food in the carpark? Or risk driving home to eat, hoping the whole way that your pizza/chips/noodles haven’t gone limp, soggy and cold in the carton?

Food and Drink

White Horse Inn: Warm welcome from old favourite

November 19, 2017

We pass by the White Horse Inn in Balmedie almost every weekend. The golden sands of Balmedie Beach is our cocker spaniel Olly’s favourite walk and he just loves chasing rabbits around the dunes – he never catches any, in case anyone is worried!

Food and Drink

Banchory Lodge Hotel: A dining room with a special view

October 16, 2017

While driving my young son to yet another children’s football festival in Banchory recently, I passed a sign for the Banchory Lodge Hotel and decided I’d treat the family to lunch there after we had negotiated the couple of hours of action at the King George V Park.