JJ Johnston

Paying the environmental price of the internet

October 10, 2018

I was talking to one of my daughters and she used a phrase that to me was so profound: “environmentally respectful”. Flora followed that up with “‘environmentally-friendly’ is just an excuse to seem as though you are doing something to make a difference”.

Bishop Anne Dyer

Warm homes for all should be a priority

October 4, 2018

If you visit Orkney you can see the sites where ancient peoples built their homes. At the heart of these old buildings was the hearth, around which a family could gather. Here they could cook and warm themselves and the room in which they were sitting. In many places although the walls of these houses have been removed, the hearth still remains, a historic reminder that being warm is a basic need for everyone.

Ben Dolphin

The hills are alive with the sense of winter

October 3, 2018

I am going to say a word. A very naughty word. It has four letters, begins with an S and is likely to cause a large number of people some degree of distress... so be sure to cover your ears if you don’t want to hear it. Are you ready? Okay, here goes:

Jim Hunter

Time to mail council keys back to Holyrood?

September 27, 2018

Who would be a councillor? Sure, the position’s often rumoured to come with lots of payments, perks and privileges. But even if these tales were true, and they aren’t, the job would be the worst in politics. Because it has been stripped of what gives point to being in politics at all.


New accolade for an age-old institution

September 25, 2018

When I was attending King Street primary school - just half a mile from the University of Aberdeen’s King’s College - I could never have imagined that a time would come when I would take up the position I am so fortunate to hold today.