Twitter fails to add new users in last quarter of 2015

Twitter has 320 million monthly active users

The number of active Twitter users failed to rise in the last three months of 2015, the social network has reported, as it continues to struggle. The micro-blogging site used its latest financial earnings report to announce that monthly active users remain at 320 million, with analysts having predicted the figure to rise to 323... Read Full Story

Love me do – Sir Paul McCartney and Skype team up for Valentine’s Day mojis

Sir Paul McCartney recording music he has written for a range of 'Love Mojis' in partnership with Skype for Valentine's Day (Skype/PA)

Sir Paul McCartney has expanded his repertoire by composing music for a range of moving emoticons known as mojis. The former Beatle has written music for a range of “Love Mojis” in partnership with technology giant Skype for Valentine’s Day. Mojis differ from emoticons or emojis as they are clips that “move” or have animation... Read Full Story

A twist on the classic

Snow Queen Vodka is silky and creamy with vanilla and spice

These winter cocktails will keep you in high spirits… THE SNOW MARTINI Snow Queen Vodka (£28.95, 70cl, Mellow and balanced with a faint nose of wheat, it’s silky and creamy with vanilla and spice. 50ml Snow Queen 20ml white creme de cacao 5ml white chocolate liqueur Dark or white chocolate shavings for the rim Add... Read Full Story

Did you know Toyota’s RAV4 has gone hybrid?


The venerable urban 4×4 has been given a hybrid powertrain, but it’s now in a crowded marketplace. Can the new Rav4 Hybrid compete? The Toyota Rav4 emerged at around the same time as the Spice Girls. Both products were destined for mid-nineties success by virtue of their cheerful, slightly plasticky nature. If anything could define... Read Full Story

Lord and Lady for just one night

Sample an exceptional hotel experience on Scotland’s beautiful coast

We were luxuriating in those delicious moments before sliding from reality into the twilight zone of dreamland, when it suddenly dawned on me that I was sharing Donald Trump’s bed. I was wide awake, just like that. But Mr Trump was far away on the other side of the Atlantic, deeply embroiled in the bruising... Read Full Story

Book Review – This Is London by Ben Judah

book review header

Hardback by Picador, £18.99 (ebook £7.19) London is a kaleidoscopic, ever-changing city as more and more people make it home. Ben Judah, an acclaimed foreign correspondent hailing from the capital, does an exceptional job exploring the lives of those arriving looking for a better life, immersing himself in their world. From cold, hungover mornings at Victoria Station, the... Read Full Story

RuPaul: Taking Drag mainstream


Straight-talking American RuPaul has transformed the image of drag. Back on telly for season seven of RuPaul’s Drag Race on truTV UK, he tells all about battling to find his place in the world and his philosophy for life San Diego-born RuPaul has taken drag mainstream, thanks to glamorous models, celebrity backing and bucket loads... Read Full Story

Game, set and match

Michelin-star chef Tom Kitchin creates a selection of warming weekend suppers using Scottish chicken, game and meat

It’s been a pretty cold and harsh January, and February looks to be starting off in the same way. This time of year can mean lots of staying at home, enjoying nights in with friends and family and staying warm, comfortable and cosy. Whether you’re planning some weekend evenings spent at home with friends, or... Read Full Story

Google boss Sundar Pichai becomes highest paid chief executive in United States

Sundar Pichai has become the highest paid chief executive in the US (Google/PA)

The boss of Google has become the highest paid chief executive in America after being handed 199 million US dollars (£138m) in shares. Sundar Pichai was awarded 273,328 shares in Google’s parent company Alphabet on February 3, according to a regulatory filing with the US Securities and Exchange Commission. It is reported that Mr Pichai’s... Read Full Story

Six of the most misdiagnosed illnesses

Some illnesses are more likely to go undetected for years, or be passed off as something else

Sometimes, getting a diagnosis when you’re unwell is simple: you make an appointment, see a doctor, possibly have a straightforward test, then wait for the results – and the vast majority of the time, patients are correctly diagnosed by medical professionals. But this isn’t always the case. Some conditions have symptoms that mimic other health... Read Full Story

Book Review – Zoo Boy by Sophie Thompson (illustrated by Rebecca Ashdown)

book review header

Paperback by Faber & Faber, priced £5.99 (ebook £3.98) Four Weddings And A Funeral actress, Celebrity MasterChef 2014 winner and Emma Thompson’s little sister Sophie, has written a zany and charming debut for young readers. Our hero is birthday boyVince, who has just turned eight. He loves everything orange, but does not like animals, even though his dad’s... Read Full Story

‘One in four’ teenagers subjected to trolling on internet

One in four teenagers claims to have been subjected to abuse online

One in four teenagers suffered hate abuse online in the last year, a major report has revealed. A survey of 13 to 18-year-olds found 24% reported that they were targeted on the internet because of their gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, disability or transgender identity. One in 25 said they are singled out for abuse... Read Full Story

Robot cockroach ‘can squeeze with ease through rubble to find disaster victims’

A scuttling robot cockroach (Harvard University)

A scuttling robot cockroach has been developed that mimics the insect’s creepy ability to squeeze through the narrowest gaps. Just like a real ‘roach, the palm-sized mechanised bug can keep crawling even when its body is squished to a fraction of its normal width. The aim is not to shock those with a phobia of... Read Full Story

Scent with love

BEAUTY Valentine Fragrance 100252

A flirty fragrance makes the perfect gift on Valentine’s Day. Claire Spreadbury sniffs out the best Flowers and chocolates are all very well, but receiving a beautiful bottle of perfume or cologne on February 14 (ideally paired with underwear) is always better. So why not opt for a different sort of bouquet this year, and... Read Full Story

Celebrating Chinese New Year – seven of the best experiences

Chinese New Year - Lead Image

Today (February 8th) marks the new year of the Monkey in Chinese culture. An important Chinese festival celebrating the turn of the Chinese lunar calendar, Chinese New Year is celebrated around the globe. We take a look at seven highlights of this beautiful country. Click on any of the images below to view relevant offers.... Read Full Story