Tech for budding DJs

January 24, 2016

Whether you fancy yourself as a superstar DJ or just love dusting off your old LPs every now and then, these great gadgets will impress


Tech for toddlers

July 18, 2015

Toddler-friendly techy gifts for the wee ones in your life... Vtech My 1st Tablet When you turn the toy on, you're greeted by a friendly bear who welcomes your very own little 'smarty paws' to play. Then it's simply a case of sliding the bar across the four options at the top or choosing one of the other activity buttons on the side. Toddlers will just think they're having a play, but little do they know they're actually learning - everything from the days of the week to answering questions about different animals. The photo fun option is erm, fun: after pressing a letter to take a photo, the letter you choose is 'snapped' (it looks like a camera lens shutting around the letter) and you will be told a word that starts with that letter, for example, the bear informs you 'R is for rose'. A well-priced gadget that will impress parents and children. £19.99


Top DIY tech

May 3, 2015

BOSCH PMD 7 DIGITAL DETECTOR Whether you’re putting up pictures, shelves or curtains, if you’re worried about drilling into walls because you’re not sure what sits behind (pipes/electrical wires etc), this tool will help reassure you. In terms of DIY gadgets, you’ll struggle to beat this one for simplicity. Hold the device next to the wall and if it’s safe to drill into the area, a green light will show; if you need to be cautious and drilling isn’t recommended, a yellow light; and if you definitely need to steer clear, it will beep and the light will turn to red. £38.99


Snow-ready tech

January 25, 2015

Boost your winter fun with our pick of the best sledges and snow kit  


Fitness essentials

January 11, 2015

If you’re planning to get fit this January, how about also planning not to waste hundreds of pounds on unused gym memberships while you’re doing it. Instead, get going with these brilliant keep fit gadgets JAWBONE UP24 Taking a more holistic approach to improving your health, the UP24 is an ingenious device that (working with an app) will give you insights into how you sleep, eat and move, highlighting where you need to alter your lifestyle choices. To keep you motivated, it’ll also celebrate milestones (like how far you’ve run or walked, or how many days you’ve slept properly) and keep pushing you to do better. £99.99


Top learning tools

December 7, 2014

Science, Tech, Engineering and Maths, or STEM, are four fundamental school subjects being pushed harder and harder by the government. If you want to help them along, inspire your kids with these scholarly gadgets so fun, they won’t even realise they’re learning  


Home office gadgets

November 9, 2014

Turn your spare room, shed or even tree house into a high-tech space any entrepreneur would be happy to hot desk from LOGITECH BLUETOOTH MULTI-DEVICE KEYBOARD K480


Top tech for travels

July 13, 2014

The summer holidays are nearly upon us, cue the obligatory last-minute panic about what to pack. Make things a little easier with this guide to the top hi-tech travel companions STEVE AOKI SUITCASE The collaboration between DJ and scooter aficionados has resulted in this kick-board, suitcase and trolley hybrid that’ll get you from A to B in a flash, all while serenaded by the on-board Bluetooth speakers. There is also a more subtle version without the musical ability, which is a couple of budget airline tickets less. £349.95