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There’s few things more Scottish than whisky – and nothing that warms your insides more.

With such a diverse range of whiskies available from distilleries across the country, chances are you’ll be able to find a few you haven’t yet tried.

And if you can’t make it out and about to the many distilleries, you can always find a bottle that’s a wee bit extra special online.

Whether you enjoy it ‘neat’ or with some water or ice, raise a glass to Scotland’s biggest export this weekend.

Visit the distillery at the foot of Ben Nevis

When you are visiting Fort William, go for a guided tour around the 178-year-old whisky distillery; meet a giant of a man, Hector McDram, visit the whisky shop and restaurant then ‘take a dram’ and savour the ‘Uisge beatha’ – the water of life.

Ben Nevis Distillery is one of the oldest licensed distilleries in Scotland. The distillery is nestled at the foot of Britain’s highest mountain, Ben Nevis, which has a summit elevation of 4’406 feet above sea level. This imposing mountain provides an impressive background to a traditional Scottish craft.

Incorporated within Ben Nevis Distillery is The Legend of the Dew of Ben Nevis Visitor Centre, built into an old warehouse dating from 1862 and former bottling hall, which still retains some of its original features.

The distillery is open Monday – Sunday throughout June, July and August (opening hours vary) so discover the secrets of whisky distilling and enjoy the unique sensation and character of the range from Ben Nevis Distillery.

Click here to visit the Ben Nevis Distillery website.

Try something unique at the Ardnamurchan Distillery

The Ardnamurchan peninsula is a wonderfully remote “finger” of rocky land that stretches out to the furthest westerly point of the UK, just to the north of the Isle of Mull, and south of the Isle of Skye. It is accessed initially by a small ferry, and then by a narrow and twisty single track road. It is famous for its outstanding and untouched beauty and abundance of natural resources.

Ardnamurchan is the first distillery in Scotland to rely entirely on locally sourced heat and power. The biomass boiler is supplied with woodchip from surrounding forestry, and the electricity comes from a hydro-electric generator on the river which also supplies its cooling water.

The entire process has been designed to create an overall flavour profile that is expected from this area: gentle peat smoke, rich oily/honey and dark fruit palate, chili pepper, sea salt and a little more smoke in the finish.

The first Ardnamurchan Single Malt will be released in 2021, and will be a combination of both spirit and wood types.

Despite the remote location the distillery has welcomed visitors from all over the world and are always delighted to share their story with new faces. Tours, tastings and exclusive merchandise available year-round

Find out more at the Ardnamurchan Distillery Facebook page.

Enjoy Kilkerran – a malt with a history

Kilkerran Single Malt is produced at Glengyle Distillery in Campbeltown and is owned by the same people that run Springbank Distillery and the Independent Bottler Wm Cadenhead’s.

A light and flagrant Campbeltown dram, Kilkerran Single Malt is available as a 12yo, 8yo Cask Strength and as the recently released Kilkerran Heavily Peated and these bottlings represent the latest chapter in the fascinating history of Glengyle.

It was originally operated by a man named William Mitchel who, as the story goes, fell out with his brother John due to an argument about sheep which led William to leave Springbank Distillery (that the brothers ran together) to establish Glengyle in 1872.

Glengyle, like many distilleries in the former whisky capital of the world, suffered greatly during the economic downturn of the early 20th century and production eventually ceased in 1925, seemingly forever.

In November 2000, Glengyle was purchased by Mr Hedly Wright, the great-great nephew of William Mitchell meaning the distillery was back in the family! After extensive restoration work, production began again in 2004 and the whisky produced was called Kilkerran, a named derived from the Gaelic name for Campbeltown, “Caenn Loch Cille Chiarain.”

Nowadays Kilkerran Single Malt is available around the world and the time the distillery spends in production has doubled in the past few years.

Production is carried out by the experienced staff from Springbank, ensuring the same high standards are maintained and that the spirit created retains its Campbeltown character.

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See whisky making from start to finish at Springbank Distillery

Situated in the former “Whisky Capital of the World,” Springbank is the only distillery in Scotland to carry out 100% of the whisky making process on site giving staff unrivalled control over the quality of the whisky.

This Campbeltown distillery was founded in 1828 and everyone working there remains proud to continue producing whisky using traditional methods. The team is involved in each and every step of the whisky making process – giving Springbank the opportunity to employ many local people and teach them about all the stages of whisky making.

Visitors to Campbeltown can today enjoy learning about the rich history of Springbank Distillery during one of the many tours, held by the welcoming and knowledgeable team who know Springbank better than anyone.

These days Springbank Distillery produces three different single malt whiskies; the flagship Springbank Single Malt, the more peaty Longrow and the triple distilled Hazelburn.

In 2004, the owner of Springbank Distillery, J & A Mitchell & Co. Ltd opened Glengyle Distillery, home of Kilkerran Single Malt, to bring the number of distilleries in Campbeltown to three.

Get more information about Springbank Distillery on Facebook.

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