Shetland residents warned of rogue sellers going door to door

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Trading Standards are warning people in Shetland to be wary of people going door-to-door offering to resurface driveways.

The doorstep sellers have been making false claims about connections to the council and are using high pressure sales tactics, says David Marsh of Shetland Islands Council trading standards.

He said: “Rogue traders were claiming to ‘have materials left over from doing a job for the council’, but it’s just a ruse to try to make you think you might get a bargain.”

The rogue traders will also pretend to have ‘just done a good deal for your neighbours’, claim links to reputable local businesses, and make exaggerated claims about warranties and guarantees, Mr Marsh said.

He said: “Simply say no, because showing any interest in what’s being offered is only likely to encourage the seller. If someone at your door refuses to take no for an answer, phone Trading Standards or the Police right away.”

Mr Marsh said vulnerable people had been pressured into handing over large sums of money for products or work which was neither wanted nor needed.

Doorstep sellers can be reported to Trading Standards on 01595 744887 or to Police Scotland on 101. If you feel threatened by someone dial 999.

Trading Standard packs with information and advice to help deal with all types of cold callers are available at Old Anderson High School, or can be posted out on request.