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Book Review: Dear Mrs Bird by AJ Pearce

April 19, 2018

Dear Mrs Bird follows Emmeline 'Emmy' Lake who dreams of being a 'Lady War Correspondent' but stumbles into a job answering problem page letters for an eccentric boss at a women's magazine in Blitz-besieged London.

Art & Culture

Book Review: Trick To Time by Kit de Waal

April 17, 2018

Although so much of Kit de Waal's second novel is different from her acclaimed debut My Name Is Leon, her focus on the lives of working class people and her ability to paint characters in minute detail through the eyes of her main character, remains.

Art & Culture

Book Review: Sal by Mick Kitson

April 5, 2018

The eponymous teenage heroine of Mick Kitson's debut novel, who is on the run from the drab, chaotic lives of her alcoholic mother and her 'Maw's' drug-dealing partner, steps into another world in Scotland's last wilderness.