All Highlanders urged to watch out for children at risk during school holidays

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Everyone in Highland is being asked to keep their eyes open for children at risk during the school holidays.

Highland schools break up on July 5, and Child Protection Committees Scotland (CPCS) says it wants the public to keep their eyes open and help keep children safe from harm during the long break.

DCI Vince McLaughlin, chairman of the Highland Child Protection Committee said: “The vast majority of children in Highland look forward to having lots of fun during the school holidays but for some the break can bring extra stress and pressure.

“Children might not be looked after or supervised properly, and some might even experience serious neglect.

“We want to encourage people to be alert to signs that something could be wrong and to pass your concerns on without embarrassment so someone can assess this information and intervene to support and protect the child if necessary.”

CPCS chairman Alan Small said: “Signs that all is not well can include being alone and unsupervised, being out and about at all times of day or night or even going into ‘party’ flats.

“A vulnerable child might be very dirty or persistently hungry, or have parents who are drunk in charge of them. If you’re at all worried, it’s important to take action.

“You can ask the child if they’re okay or even offer the family some support. Or, if thesituation is serious and you’re very worried speak to a social worker in your local family team or the police. Full contact details are available at ”