Westminster committee to question Scottish Government on Brexit

Brexit has been a hot topic for many years.

A Westminster committee is heading to Scotland to question the Scottish Government over Brexit.

Scottish Parliament leaders and senior civil servants will give their views on how they believe leaving the EU will affect devolution in the UK.

The Public Administration Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee, chaired by Conservative MP Bernard Jenkin, will hold the meeting in Edinburgh on Monday.

Witnesses include Scottish Brexit Minister Mike Russell, SNP, and Director General of Constitution and External Affairs Ken Thomson.

A panel of academic experts – Aberdeen University Centre on Constitutional Change director Michael Keating, Edinburgh University’s professor of constitutional theory, Stephen Tierney, and Strathclyde University professor of public law Aileen McHarg – will also attend the committee meeting.

The committee will also take evidence from Scottish Labour leader Richard Leonard, Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie, Scottish Green co-convener Patrick Harvie and Scottish Conservative MSP Adam Tomkins.

A committee spokesman said: “The Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee will question the Scottish Government, Scottish Parliament leaders, senior civil servants and Scottish constitutional experts to establish their views on how leaving the EU will affect devolution in the UK, the relationship between devolved governments and the UK Government and the future of devolution.”