Gadgets to help you relax

If your bubble bath doesn’t really bubble, this could be the solution
If your bubble bath doesn’t really bubble, this could be the solution

Awaiting exam results, stressed at work or juggling too many tasks? These are the ultimate gadgets to help you unwind…


YL-1508-gadget2If you find it hard to unwind, and even harder to fall asleep, this wrist accessory will help you visit the land of nod. It gently vibrates on pulse points providing acupressure to nudge you into a deep sleep. Even if you don’t experience those craved-for zzzzz’s straight away, the massaging band also helps to reduce stress, which in turn will help prepare you for a restful slumber. It can be a bit noisy, but the contraption activates for 30 minutes and then automatically turns itself off. £49.95



YL-1508-gadgets3With spa-like qualities, you’ll be able to transform your home into a calming retreat with this gizmo. The latest in the line of diffusers from madebyzen, the pretty tool serves two purposes: one, it provides a scented mist to bring some peace and serenity and two, it features a colour-changing mood light to relax you. There are different buttons for the two functions and you can have either or both on at the same time. All you need to add is some tap water and your favourite essential oil. £49.99



YL-1508-gadgets4When you’ve been on your feet all day, a foot massage is heavenly. However, if you can’t afford a masseuse to rub your tootsies on a daily basis, this makes a great substitute. With 18 massage heads, just plug it in and press the switch once for a normal massage and a second time to add heat to the mix. To turn it off, just press the button a third time. Leave your socks on, partly to keep the machine clean, but also so the rotating shiatsu balls don’t tickle your feet. Then it’s just a case of sitting back and enjoying the massage. £64.99



YL-1508-gadgets5This tear-shaped device is rather clever. Simply charge it up, download the free apps and connect to your phone/tablet via Bluetooth. PIP uses a sensor to analyse your stress levels (the science behind it is it reads your ’electrodermal activity’), and you can also use the apps to help you unwind. There’s the Stress Tracker and two games; The Loom, which shows you a picture of a landscape that changes as you de-stress, and Relax and Race; the more you unwind, the faster you’ll get to the finish line. The apps and device are essentially a tech-way of practicing CBT and mindfulness. Want extra help? There’s an additional app called Four Steps to Mindfulness (RRP £1.49). £145



YL-1508-gadgets1After a long, hard day there are few greater pleasures than relaxing with a soak in the tub. However, if you find your bubble bath doesn’t really erm, bubble, this gizmo could be the solution. Easy to operate, pop in three AA batteries into the slot, fill the tank with your usual bath foam or soap and it will react with the water to send out a constant stream of bubbles. It’s not quite a Jacuzzi experience, but should make a nice addition to your soaking session. £14.95