Steve Coogan.


Book Review: Easily Distracted by Steve Coogan

November 4, 2015

Hardback by Century, priced £20 (ebook £7.99) When you've spent nearly your entire career playing a character, you can understand how it might be difficult for people to see you as anything else. So, for Alan Partridge fans nationwide, Oscar-nominated film Philomena showed a different side, and skillset, to the Steve Coogan they thought they knew.


Amy’s inside job

July 28, 2015

As permanently perky Leslie Knope in US show Parks And Recreation, Amy Poehler was a natural choice to play joy personified in Disney’s Inside Out. But, the star tells Jeananne Craig, real life isn’t always so cheery


‘It’s good to be bad’

June 29, 2015

She's the girl-next-door who has made a career out of being likeable and down to earth, but Sandra Bullock couldn't wait to sink her teeth into something nasty.