Pro-government protesters denounce Hong Kong ‘rioters’

December 7, 2019

Hundreds of protesters waving red Chinese flags have packed a Hong Kong park to denounce what they say is a reign of terror being imposed by rioters who have smashed shops and other targets during months of anti-government demonstrations that have shaken the city.


Protesters battle police on multiple fronts in Hong Kong

November 12, 2019

Protesters in Hong Kong have battled police on multiple fronts, from major disruptions during the morning rush hour to a late-night stand-off at a prominent university, as the five-month anti-government movement took an increasingly violent turn.


Lebanese PM to step down amid anti-government protests

October 29, 2019

Lebanon’s prime minister has resigned, bowing to one of the central demands of anti-government demonstrators shortly after baton-wielding Hezbollah supporters rampaged through the main protest camp in Beirut, torching tents, smashing chairs and chasing away protesters.