Lose yourself in Singapore – Exotic adventures for the New Year

October 24, 2016

If you’ve been making new year resolutions for ages yet never seem to carry them through, you’re not alone. For decades I have been promising to travel as much as time and budget allow and see more of this wonderful planet. One destination that has been on my bucket list for some time is Singapore. Even the name conjures up images of another world, full of Far Eastern promise…


Where the stars come out

March 25, 2015

Extravagance, lavishness, luxury… key ingredients for an exclusive dream holiday, wouldn’t you say? We hunted, scoured and trailed the globe to find everything from five-star resorts located 200km into the desert, to private islands home to the world’s largest villas.


Cooking up alternative experience

August 5, 2014

Fish and Chips is the UK's most recognisable culinary tradition and is loved the world over. With so many expats living around the globe the demand for authentic fish and chip shops is on the up with more and more people looking for a taste of home.


Singing the praises of Singapore

May 21, 2014

ADJ clutches a pair of headphones to his ear, while cueing up the next track on his state-of-the-art mixing deck. The noise of the crowd almost drowns out the pulsing house tune he’s playing, as Singapore’s “it” crowd enjoy a Saturday night on the town.