New society born, as life changed forever in 1914

November 12, 2018

The north and north-east was almost entirely spared any direct physical damage – beyond an “extraordinary and disgraceful” U-boat shelling that damaged St Kilda’s church and a rogue raid by a possibly lost Zeppelin which left craters in an Insch field and shattered several windows of a nearby castle.

Health and Beauty

Top Tips for avoiding bedtime bickering

September 14, 2015

Going to bed on a row isn’t great for relationships - and ruins sleep. Here’s how to ensure pillow talk stays sweet There’s never a great time to row with your partner - but right before bedtime can be particularly troublesome, as most couples will know. Arguments are part and parcel of relationships, but falling out before hitting the sack means that the tension can fester and dash any chances of a good night’s sleep too, leading to even greater resentment and anger the next day. Bad news all round. According to a new survey, however, more than half of UK couples quarrel at least twice a month before turning out the lights at bedtime. The research, carried out by skin specialists Flint + Flint and The Fine Bedding Company as part of their ’Beauty Sleep’ campaign, found that 52% of couples admit to going to bed angry after arguing, and subsequently waking up in a bad mood. So what’s to blame for those tears on the pillowcase? The survey also delved into the top 10 argument triggers for couples, and while there are some similarities between the sexes, it seems men and women don’t always agree about what causes their fights either...


Give women a stronger voice

November 24, 2014

Leading women in the oil and gas industry are calling for more businesses to give their female employees a stronger voice in the workplace in a bid to help retain and attract staff.


Appoint on merit to avoid gender battle

October 16, 2014

While male-dominance in the board room continues to be a hot topic in the oil and gas industry, offshore survival training and safety skills firm, Survivex, underlines the importance of appointing directors based on merit rather than gender


Quotes of the Day July 12

July 12, 2014

“I consider myself a girl’s girl, in that I am not competitive, jealous or catty.” Actress Megan Fox. “Today’s young women: I don’t know what they are complaining about. You have got it lucky. Relatively speaking, you have got it dead easy.” Dame Stephanie Shirley, retired business leader and philanthropist.


Houston women mean business

June 30, 2014

The north-east has hosted the first ever visit to the region by one of Houston’s foremost business organisations.