Restoring Notre Dame cannot be rushed, experts warn

April 29, 2019

A group of French and international architects and heritage experts have called on French President Emmanuel Macron to allow the necessary time to ensure good reconstruction work on the fire-damaged Notre Dame Cathedral.


In pictures: Notre Dame fire aftermath as French president vows to rebuild

April 17, 2019

Construction teams have started assembling equipment at the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris after fire ravaged the landmark building. President Emmanuel Macron has set a five-year deadline for restoration of the cathedral and more than 880 million euro (£760 million) has already been donated to the effort.


WATCH: This pigeon in baggage reclaim gathered quite an audience

April 4, 2018

A pigeon is making its way towards viral fame with a video showing its sporting prowess on a baggage carousel. The brave bird was spotted by Rich O’Grady, 23, in Paris Charles de Gaulle airport, and gathered a rather large audience. Rich filmed the pigeon’s efforts and posted them on Facebook, garnering over 500 views.