Book Review: All Our Wrong Todays by Elan Mastai

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Tom Barren faces the ultimate dilemma.

The eternal failure, the mess-up his time travel machine inventor father chides and everyone fails to notice because he is so inconsequential, gets the chance to travel through time.

Not only that. He gets the chance to change what is wrong about his world. But that’s where the dilemma kicks in. Does he prefer the version of the world he travelled from or the one in which he has found himself?

Everything appears back to front, but maybe he likes it that way. And everything he does changes, not just his reality, but those of everyone else.

People don’t die. Others aren’t born. The ultimate paradox. And the impossible question: What should he do?

All Our Wrong Todays is screenwriter Elan Mastai’s debut novel and has already been optioned for a large screen version.

The short chapters betray Mastai’s origins as a scriptwriter, but also make this sci-fi time travel adventure easy to read and become engrossed in.

Mastai’s credits include the award-winning script for What If and with All Our Wrong Todays, he looks to have another winner, both in print and when it transfers to the cinema.