North-east villager voices anger as heavy rain damages landslip retention wall

Heavy rain has damaged a landslip retention wall in Gardenstown leaving villagers stranded with no access to a main road.

Villagers in Gardenstown are once again unable to drive to and from their homes as a temporary retention wall built at Harbour Road has over flowed.

The wall was built after a landslip partially closed the main road late last year.

Residents from the coastal village have been forced to evacuate their homes as the wall holding back the landslip gave way.

Colin Wallek, 69, a retired engineer said: “This has affected the community really badly, we’ve got retired people in the town, struggling to get their messages from the shops as no one can move past this landslip.

“The council have taken a nonsensical approach to retaining the wall. This has been going on for 13 weeks now, that’s far too long.”

Gardenstown repair bill expected to be over £1million

He added: “It (the wall) was fully loaded from the last landslip and the council didn’t clear it. With the right management this could have been avoided.

“The council should now clear the wall and clear it quick. ”

Aberdeenshire Council is monitoring the situation and has warned nearby properties of the latest slip.

Investigation work has been on-going after an initial slip in an area between New Church and Harbour Road in December.

A statement by Aberdeenshire Council said: “We have been aware of continued movement in the existing landslip at Gardenstown, which is being monitored as part of the investigatory works.

“An engineer has been on site this evening and heavy rain throughout today has caused more material to move and a partial collapse of a temporary retaining wall – as a result we have warned nearby households of the situation.

“We will continue to monitor the landslip and take any additional action necessary.

“Snow and rain continue to affect the whole region, with localised issues including flooding of some smaller watercourses and water on the roads. Sandbags have been made available outside Council roads depots.

“As in recent days, people should take care if they intend to travel around the area and drive to the conditions.”