Sir Alex Ferguson delights staff at north-east restaurant with visit during opening week

Credit: Twitter/The Silver Darling

The Silver Darling recently underwent a refurbishment and its opening week was made extra special when they were visited by a VIP guest.

Footballing legend, Sir Alex Ferguson, was in Aberdeen and decided to pop into the restaurant, much to the delight of staff.

A tweet from the Footdee restaurant’s Twitter account reads: “We were delighted to welcome a very special guest in our opening week. Thank you very much for joining us on your recent visit to Sir Alex!”

The restaurant has recently re-opened its doors after a significant refurbishment.

The iconic Footdee restaurant has recently reopened its doors after a significant refurbishment.

After being bought by McGinty’s at the end of September 2017, the venue has undergone a revamp including an overhauled dining area.

It re-opened on February 1, with Craig Somers leading the kitchen team as head chef.