Peterhead man fined after finding woman’s lost purse and using bank card to buy booze

Peterhead Sheriff Court
Peterhead Sheriff Court

A Peterhead man has been fined after finding a woman’s lost purse and using her bank card to buy himself alcohol.

Joseph Long came into possession of the card a little more than an hour after it was dropped in the car park at Aldi on the town’s Kirk Street on Monday, November 26.

The 55-year-old appeared at Peterhead Sheriff Court yesterday after admitting using the card to purchase £23.12 of goods by fraud.

Depute fiscal, Felicity Merson, told the court the card was discovered in a purse that had been lost by a woman visiting the store.

She said: “The owner of the card had been shopping there at 5pm.

“She put her purse down with the card in it, but it was uplifted and she reported the matter.

“The woman searched the car park for her card.

“The accused came into possession of the card and paid for the items via contactless payment.”

Defence agent, Marianne Milligan, said Long used the card to buy alcohol and accepted “full responsibility” for his actions.

Sheriff Christine McCrossan fined the accused £75.