Councillors express unhappiness at recycling proposals

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North-east councillors have submitted a list of critical comments in response to draft proposals for transforming the fashion in which recycling centres are run.

Every member of the Banff and Buchan Area Committee voiced opinions on the Aberdeenshire Council document which contained a number of significant changes – particularly for those involved in trade recycling.

The report, which will be put to the Infrastructure Services Committee, includes an operational change, whereby business waste at three Aberdeenshire transfer stations will only be accepted on three days a week from 8am to 10am.

Officers argued this would ease congestion at the stations where the council operators work and reduce the pressure on household waste centres.

However,  councillors were unhappy that there was no consultation with businesses which would be affected by this change.

Cllr John Cox said: “That’s a dramatic cut in service – why offer a service that’s as limited as that? It doesn’t make sense at all.”

Cllr Ross Cassie added: “Transfer stations are not being used at those hours, so instead of trying to channel shift the businesses, perhaps it should channel shift so we can encourage businesses to recycle.”

The officer explaining the changes, Matt Davis, told members: “Our primary aim is to cover householders’ needs in Aberdeenshire.

“It’s difficult for us to consult with the businesses as there are some bringing their waste to household centres, so the permit system should change that.”

Chairman Andy Kille collated a list of comments to be passed on to the ISC.

These included responses about the lack of consultation, the need to re-examine the types of vehicles and times for businesses, an assessment of the efficiency of the systems and further explanation of the facts relating to health and safety issues.

The ISC will consider the matter in the near future.