Business opinion

Conferences ‘key’ to north-east tourism offering

June 20, 2019

Tourism and conference-hosting is arguably one of the key industries most crucial to sustainable economic growth in Scotland and the north-east. It is a notoriously volatile trade, demanding constant innovation. If this key sector is to be successfully grown it will require long-term strategic thinking.


Benefits of liquidation are ‘quite clear’

June 18, 2019

While the work of many licensed insolvency practitioners tends to focus upon insolvent situations, the provisions of the Insolvency Act 1986 mean that where company assets exceed £25,000, a formal solvent liquidation process is required if shareholders wish to close a company and withdraw the assets, normally cash, while benefitting from the capital gains tax regime.


Putting the north-east on the world map

June 17, 2019

Picture a postcard of Scotland. Highland coos, beautiful lochs, mountainous terrain, historic castles, glorious golf courses on magnificent dunes, rugged cliffs, sandy beaches and whisky galore.