HM Theatre


Scottish classic revived

October 24, 2014

Commemorating the start of the Great War, Sell a Door Theatre Company has revived Alastair Cording’s faithful adaptation of the classic novel Sunset Song, writes Susan Welsh


East end meets west end in comedy hit

August 18, 2014

Things are usually far from rosy on Albert Square. Menacing words are hissed through gritted teeth, spats erupt spontaneously in the Queen Vic, and then of course there's the odd murder plot every now and again.


Peppa Pig is coming to town

July 4, 2014

Peppa Pig is set to return to HM Theatre, Aberdeen, hot on the trotters of the smash success of her most recent theatre tours, Peppa Pig’s Party and Peppa Pig’s Treasure Hunt.


Derren’s talent is no illusion

July 3, 2014

From master illusionist to quiet philosopher, Derren Brown manages to bring all aspects of himself to the stage in his latest mind-blowing production, writes Andrew Youngson


Derren gets personal but it’s all about you

June 9, 2014

When Derren Brown came out six years ago, it didn't rock the world. It wasn't that people had suspected him of being a gay man all along - it was just that everything else about him was generally more interesting.