Loch Ness lifeboat crews called to ongoing incident

Lifeboats in action
Lifeboats in action

Lifeboat crews were called in the north after a man was spotted lying on the shore of a beach.

Another male, who was passing the shores of Fort Augustus in a sail boat on Loch Ness spotted the man, who police said was in his 50s, and reported it to emergency services.

The Loch Ness lifeboat was launched to investigate before being joined by police and ambulance crews.

A police spokesman said that concerns had been raised that the man could have suffered injuries.

He added: “We had a report of an injured male on the shore of Fort Augustus. A man in a sailboat reported concerns for the man, who is in his 50s.

“The call came in at 7.42pm and ambulance crews attended with police and lifeboat for the possible injury.”

But it emerged that no injuries had been sustained.

A coastguard spokeswoman said: “The call was a false alarm with good intent.”