VIDEO: Amazing footage of pilot whales and Risso’s dolphins off the coast of Caithness

A rare sight of dozens of pilot whales swimming with more than 10 Risso’s dolphins was spotted in a Caithness bay this week.

Wildlife photographer Karen Munro captured the moment after being alerted to the activity in Dunnet Bay, near her home town of Thurso.

She said: “It’s rare to see pilot whales off Caithness, but Risso’s are seen fairly regularly.

“The Highland Council ranger Paul Castle spotted them. I was quite gobsmacked, to be honest, but also nervous as pilot whales are known to strand.

“I don’t think the two species are seen often together in UK waters and there is a bit of a debate going on as to their behaviour towards each other.”

It is thought they were in the bay to feed on Thursday.

Risso’s dolphins are known to travel in groups of up 50 animals, but larger schools of as many as 4,000 have been recorded, according to Whale and Dolphin Conservation.