Aberdeen City Council used three times as much salt to de-ice roads as last year

Bill Cormie
Bill Cormie

The council used more than three times as much salt to de-ice Aberdeen’s roads in the past year than in the previous financial year.

A new report to the council’s operations committee next week lays out plans for maintenance for the coming winter.

Granite city gritters used some 15,321 tonnes of salt to de-ice the streets last year – which was up from just 4,602 in 16/17 and 7,763 in 15/16,

This year the authority is planning for a stock of 11,726 tonnes to keep the city moving and will continue a successful trial of using brine.

Last winter was particularly treacherous and the “Beast From the East” weather front earlier this year also caused chaos.

However, the council forecasts there will be some difficulties when trunk roads previously maintained by Transport Scotland become part of the council network due to the AWPR.

The report reads: “The current cost of winter maintenance to trunk road standard on these roads is in the order of £250,000 per year.

“The anticipated annual cost of maintaining these roads to Aberdeen City Priority 1 standard is estimated to be in the order of £155,000- £200,000. These estimates exclude footway treatments.

“Last winter brine and de-icing chemicals were trialled as a precautionary treatment several times at locations in the city centre and on cycleways.

“These trials were generally successful with the benefits including the elimination of the spread of salt into shops and private properties and the treatment remaining effective for longer than standard salt.”

Residents are also advised that the cut off date for applying for one tonne community salt bags is November 1.