Road safety go-karting event to come to Aberdeen’s Union Square

Union Square in Aberdeen
Union Square in Aberdeen

Visitors to Aberdeen’s Union Square will be able take part in a go-karting event to improve young men’s driving on Saturday.

The Gran Kart campaign encourages men in their 20s to drive more safely by imagining their grandmother is in the car.

Drivers will have to avoid obstacles while their driving is criticised by “gran characters” in the kart.

The Road Safety Scotland initiative will highlight the dangers of driving while texting or phoning and speeding.

The latest figures show that more than 2,040 young men were involved in accidents in 2017 with 314 killed or seriously injured.

Yet more than 60% of male drivers in their 20s consider themselves very good or excellent when they get behind the wheel.

The Gran Kart idea is based on research that young men claim to drive better when grandmothers or other family members are in the passenger seat.

Michael McDonnell, director of Road Safety Scotland, said there had been a “really positive” response to the campaign on social media.”

Christine Hinshelwood, a grandmother who took part in the campaign, said: “The thought of my grandson being involved in an accident or, God forbid, being the cause of one, just doesn’t bear thinking about.”