VIDEO: Well that was quick… Two seconds after kick-off, and one team is 1-0 up

A non-league Scottish team succeeded at something you’ve no doubt tried numerous times with your friends, whether it be for your Sunday team or on Fifa.

And they may have set a new record while doing so.

Maryhill FC bagged a goal in just over two seconds – unofficially clocked at 2.1 seconds – with Gavin Stokes sending the ball flying into the top corner straight from kick off.

It’s fair to say the Clydebank manager’s team talk went straight out of the window.

Nawaf Al Abed of Al Hilal in Saudi Arabia is widely credited with scoring the fastest goal ever, at two seconds on the dot and again straight from kick off, although that was never officially confirmed.

Another contender is Vuk Bakic of Serbia’s FK Dorcol, whose goal from kick off was timed at 2.2 seconds.

But the goal, scored in the West of Scotland Super League First Division, is significantly faster than anything scored in the Scottish top division – with Kris Boyd’s 10-second goal earlier this season blown out of the water.