VIDEO: The moment Dons fans were attacked by masked thugs ahead of Europa League clash

Aberdeen fans were left bloodied and battered after being attacked by a masked mob on the eve of their Europa League clash with Siroki Brijag.

Around 10 thugs targeted fans at the Black Dog bar in Mostar, launching flares before charging and attacking around 50 supporters in the Old Town area.

Several Dons supporters were taken to hospital after the attack, which happened at around 11.30pm.

Press & Journal sports reporter Andy Skinner was in the pub when the violence broke out.

He said: “I’ve had a couple of weeks off on holiday and thought I’d come out to Bosnia for the game. It’s something I’ve never done before.

“I must stress that so far it’s been so calm and chilled out here. It’s been very relaxing and we’ve been well looked after by the people here.

“I was out at that pub all day. There were probably about 50 fans who’ve mostly been here as well.

“It was getting on for 11.30pm when out of absolutely nowhere we just saw these flares. They started launching them towards the pub.

“The owner of the pub was outside as well. There is a bridge nearby and a lot of supporters just ran over that while the rest of us went into the pub and tried to get as far back as we could. The owner managed to get back in and was able to lock the door. I didn’t see but from what I’d told they had baseball bats. They were masked, all of them.

“A couple of supporters had what looked like pretty serious head injuries. They were covered in blood.

“It’s certainly put a dampener on what had so far been a really good trip. I’ve never come across anything like this before. It was frightening.”

Supporter Graham Love, 30, added: “It came completely out of the blue. There was no provocation, we had just been in the pub.

“It wasn’t even noisy, considering we’re Scottish fans. It was terrifying when the flares were being thrown. Luckily all my group weren’t hurt. Some supporters weren’t that lucky.”

Around 200 Dons fans have travelled for the game.