North football’s hitmen: All the Highland League scorers

Cove's Mitchel Megginson shoots at goal. Picture by Jim Irvine

Cove Rangers striker Mitch Megginson continues to lead the Highland football scoring chart with 31 goals.

11 hotshots who graced the Highland League’s grounds in 2017

Here’s how the rest of the table looks:

  • 31 – Megginson (Cove
  • 22 – Macphee (Formartine
  • 21 – Gauld (Inverurie
  • 18 – Ballard (Deveronvale)
  • 16 – Campbell (Fraserburgh)
  • 15 – McLeod (Buckie Thistle); Masson (Cove Rangers); Barbour (Formartine United); L.Fraser (Forres Mechanics); Harris (Fraserburgh).
  • 14 – Brindle (Brora Rangers); Ross (Buckie Thistle).
  • 13 – Mackay (Brora Rangers); Maclennan (Clachnacuddin); Keith
  • 12 – Rodger (Formartine United); Angus (Inverurie Locos); Macrae (Nairn County); Davidson (Rothes).
  • 11 – Noble (Deveronvale); Ewen (Huntly); Hunter (Inverurie Locos); Miller
    (Turriff United).
  • 10 – Milne (Cove Rangers); West (Fraserburgh).
  • 9 – Greig (Formartine United); Moore (Rothes).
  • 8 – Park (Cove Rangers); Farquhar (Lossiemouth); Gillespie (Rothes); Macadie (Wick Academy).
  • 7 – Graham, Macleod (Brora Rangers); Carrol (Buckie Thistle); Scott (Deveronvale); Wood (Formartine United); Pollock (Forres Mechanics); McCabe
    (Inverurie Locos); D. Mackenzie (Nairn County); Wilson (Rothes).
  • 6 – Williamson (Brora Rangers); Shewan (Clachnacuddin); Strachan (Cove Rangers); Treasurer (Fort William); Clark, McGowan (Huntly); Leyden (Inverurie Locos); Dunn (Lossiemouth); Cormack, Duncan (Rothes); Ross
    (Turriff United).
  • 5 – M. Maclean, Sutherland (Brora Rangers); Finnis (Clachnacuddin); Burnett,
    Stott (Cove Rangers); Dunbar (Deveronvale); Burnett (Formartine United); Soane (Forres Mechanics); Still, Wyness (Huntly); Kerr (Nairn County); MacGregor (Wick Academy).
  • 4 – Campbell, S. Lisle, Nicolson (Brora Rangers); Dorrat (Buckie Thistle); McManus, Scully (Cove Rangers); Smith (Formartine United); Duncanson, MacPhee (Forres Mechanics); Buchan, Christie, Hay (Fraserburgh); Charlesworth (Inverurie Locos); Brownie, Whelan (Keith); McLaren
    (Lossiemouth); Anderson, Mackay (Wick Academy).
  • 3 – Anderson, Fraser, Urquhart (Buckie Thistle); Mackintosh, Webb (Clachnacuddin); Gray, Smith (Cove Rangers); Blackhall, Pauline, Sutherland (Deveronvale); Ferries, Mackintosh, McKeown (Formartine United); G. Fraser,
    McGovern, Macrae (Forres Mechanics); Hunter, Lingard, MacLellan (Fort
    William); D. Cowie, Johnston, Young (Fraserburgh); Stewart (Huntly); Laing, McLean (Inverurie Locos); Fraser (Keith); R. Archibald (Lossiemouth); Maclean,
    Naismith, Ramsey (Nairn County); Bowden, Cairns, Myers (Turriff United); Halliday, Manson (Wick Academy).
  • 2 – Morrison, Macdonald (Brora Rangers), Cheyne, MacKinnon (Buckie Thistle); Beeston, Lawrie, Leslie, Morrison (Clachnacuddin); Watson (Cove Rangers); Aitken, Davidson, Wallace, Watt (Deveronvale); Berton, Crawford, Lawson, (Formartine United); Cameron (Forres Mechanics); Beagrie, Dickson, Sargent
    (Fraserburgh); Charlesworth, Donald, Murison, Roddie (Huntly); Gordon (Inverurie Locos); Noble (Lossiemouth); McNab, Porritt (Nairn County); Fraser (Rothes); MacLeod (Strathspey Thistle); Booth, Cross, Flett, Wood (Turriff
    United); McNab (Wick Academy).
  • 1 – Duff, Houston, Pickles (Brora Rangers); Copeland, Murray, Robertson, Taylor (Buckie Thistle); Geruzel, Grant, Robertson, Smith (Clachnacuddin); Campbell, Redford, Ross (Cove Rangers); Dunn, Elder, Forbes (Deveronvale); Anderson, Gethins, Lawrence (Formartine United); Allan, Chalmers, Groat,
    Milne, Moore, Stuart (Forres Mechanics); Ellis, Gillespie, Lopez, Tot (Fort
    William); C. Buchan, Combe, R. Cowie, (Fraserburgh); Napier (Huntly); Mitchell, MacDonald, Macdonald, Reid, Souter (Inverurie Locos); Begg, Brownie, Foy, Macnamee, Raffell, Robertson, Spink (Keith); Duncan, Hamilton,
    Johnstone, McRitchie (Lossiemouth); Ewan, K.Mackenzie, A. Naismith
    (Nairn County); Maley, Milne, Mackay, Rennie,Wood (Rothes), Aubrey, Hay, C. Lisle, Mochan, Taylor (Strathspey Thistle); Hume (Turriff United), R.Allan, D. Mackay, G.MacNab, G. Steven (Wick Academy).