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Philip Rodney: ‘The next decade will not be about building a better mousetrap, but creating genuinely new inventions.’

January 21, 2020

Cards on the table. I really do not like New Year. Christmas and Hanukkah are times of warmth and generosity to be spent with family and friends. Both festivals involve food and presents. What’s not to like? At Hogmanay, on the other hand, there is pressure to stay up late and drink (neither of which I do very well) and reflect with tearful sentimentality on the past year and anticipate with illogical fear the next.


TRAVEL: Take a break with a visit to Northumberland

January 16, 2020

Years ago, my family visited Lindisfarne and I remembered just enough about it to want to revisit it with the benefit of hindsight, so Northumberland became the destination, the Holy Island of Lindisfarne the intention.