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Calm before the storm?

July 7, 2014

A sell-off in the technology sector and the broad range of shares driven higher by sheer momentum over the past year or so have triggered a move from money to value stocks.

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July 4, 2014

Oil continues to drop as crude concerns subside — Energy Voice (@EnergyVoiceNews) July 4, 2014


End game nears for Alstom

June 21, 2014

German industrial-machinery giant Siemens and Japan's Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) added nearly £1billion to their offer for the energy business of France's Alstom yesterday.

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Oil firms pull staff out of Iraq

June 18, 2014

BP and ExxonMobil are taking non-essential staff out of Iraq this morning asIslamic militants attack the country’s largest oil refinery, 155 miles north of the capital Baghdad

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Share tip: Premier Foods

June 15, 2014

Mr Kipling claims to make exceedingly good cakes, but the owner of the baked goods brand has not had exceedingly happy investors of late.

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Vietnam and China in oil rig stand-off

June 11, 2014

Vietnam said China again shifted an oil rig it has placed in disputed waters, with six warships guarding the structure as the two communist countries continue their South China Sea stand-off. Full story on Energy Voice.

Scotland business

Wine can be a good investment – just ask Sir Alex

June 7, 2014

Done the right way, investing in wine can offer good returns. In this interview with David Elswood, international director of wine at auction house Christie's, former Aberdeen FC and Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson explains the love of good wine behind his own collection.

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House prices hit all-time high

June 3, 2014

UK house prices have reached a new all-time high of £186,512 on average after leaping by 11.1% in the space of 12 months, figures from building society Nationwide show.